The Curriculum


Ochil Tower School is a residential and day school for 28 pupils and a day school for 12 pupils. The school has a strong reputation in providing a high standard of education and care to young people between the ages of 8 to 18, who have moderate, severe and complex needs, usually on the autistic spectrum or with mental health problems. All children have learning difficulties whilst many may have the additional burden of a history of disrupted and fractured education and therefore arrive at the school with significant learning, behavioural and social needs.

Complex behaviours, poor self esteem and mental health concerns regularly hinder the development of successful and confident learners. A majority of learners are at the Early level of the Curriculum for Excellence. The school recognises  the very high social and emotional needs of the pupils and the significant impact that this can make on learning and achievement, and creates imaginative and flexible approaches to develop self esteem and confidence. Ochil Tower meets individual needs in a safe, positive and enriching environment in which every pupil is encouraged to achieve their full potential. A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of Health and Wellbeing and Literacy as the basis for the development of further academic learning.

Ochil Tower has a strong commitment to personalized and collaborative education which although firmly embedded in the Curriculum for Excellence is also inspired and informed by the ethos of the Camphill movement and the principles of Social Pedagogy and the Waldorf Curriculum.

The school provides:

• A positive learning environment

• Builds and sustains positive relationships

• Interdisciplinary learning

• National qualifications

• ASDAN qualifications

• Therapeutic support

• Person-Centred Counselling

• Emphasis on personal development and pupil achievement through individualised programmes

• Outdoor Learning including Outdoor Pursuits


Ochil Tower offers an holistic approach to education (Social Pedagogy) which supports the 24 hour curriculum.

The curriculum is adapted to the individual needs of each child.

The curriculum is designed around the following principles:

Challenge and enjoyment, Breadth, Depth, Progression, Personalisation and Choice, Coherence and Relevance.

The curriculum seeks to develop the four capacities:

Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens, Effective Contributors