Fairtrade School

Becoming a Fairtrade School

Since Monday 3rd March 2014 Ochil Tower School is a Fairtrade School. After two years of continuous work, many School Assemblies, lessons, fundraisers, awareness raising events and even a Fairtrade School Festival, in the middle of celebrating this year's Fairtrade Fortnight it was announced that our application has been approved.

2012 was the year that Ochil Tower began its journey to become a Fair Trade School and weekly school assemblies have played a central role in raising awareness and developing an understanding for this subject. Themes which have occupied us throughout the years have included: Food and Fair Trade; Fairness and Injustice; Global Poverty and Co-operatives.

At the end of the autumn term we were able to celebrate our school festival with a Fair Trade play in which every pupil was actively involved and it was during this performance that we sold our first consignment of 90kg of Malawi Rice (a second consignment was sold at the coffee morning in June 2013, a third one after a play performance in the winter).