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BA Social Pedagogy (Working with Children/Working with Adults) School of Applied Social Studies

School of Applied Social Studies at Robert Gordon University will be delivering a discrete work-based distance learning BA Social Pedagogy (Working with Children/Working with Adults) beginning with a three-day introduction at the university on 19 January 2015. Social Pedagogic approaches to learning and development are becoming increasingly popular in social care, day care and educational settings in Scotland.

The BA Social Pedagogy course content will be mapped to National Occupational Standards for various sections of the social care workforce and will be particularly relevant for those employed in day care for children, residential child care services, adult day and care home services and community-based support services. Course entry is at Stage 2 (SCQF Level 8) and so applicants will be expected to have attained an HNC or SVQ (Level 7) equivalent.

The course will focus on a number of themes including:

- the centrality of relationships

- the development of personal expression.

In addition, the development of new skills will be supported by the creative use of activities to demonstrate how bonds between the service user and worker might be strengthened. The course will:

- provide an holistic focus on the individual, family and community

- explore emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual and sexual development across the lifespan

- emphasise group care and community-based practice with a critical and reflective approach to application.

In the final year of the course there will be the opportunity to develop a specific focus on working with either children or adults. Teaching will take place:

- two 60-day placements

- via the university's virtual learning environment (Campus Moodle) where workbooks and supporting information will be shared

- through nine three-day block periods of teaching at RGU.

Agencies supporting individuals to undertake this qualification will be expected to identify a mentor.

For further information please see course website here or contact Margaret Snellgrove.

To apply, you will need to create a Co-worker / Staff Applications Account here.  After your account is approved, you can then access and fill in the Online Staff Application Form here and Online Co-worker Application Form here, or alternatively you can download and print a paper version of the form from here.